Friday, July 25, 2014

Book Review: Paper Towns by John Green

I'm pretty sure this was the fastest that I've ever read a novel. I've just never really been the type of person who CANNOT stop reading. I think my eyes would get tired because of the double vision. It's usually worse when I use my iPad to read. This time I was fine. Maybe these glasses really are helping me. Horay! =)
I started this book yesterday and I just finished it. I really can say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. There are so many different elements of it that I loved, from the spontaneous whirlwind of a character who is Margo Roth Spiegelman to Quentin's naivete when it comes to relationships and knowing people. 
The story takes place in Orlando, FL, where Margo and Q are next door neighbors.The book is written from Q's perspective, which I think makes it even more interesting. Margo and Q were close when they were children, and had a traumatizing experience together when they were nine. They grow apart after that, but reconnect one night their senior year of high school. Since they are parts of very different social circles, Q is eager to see if the previous night had changed anything in school the next day. However, it seems that Margo has gone missing...again. Apparently she tends to do this, leaving vague clues for her family as to where she went. Usually she is back pretty soon, but not this time, so Q and his friends go on a mission to figure out where Margo is based on what little evidence they can find.

I think what I liked most about this story was the improbability of something, or someone (Margo Roth Spiegelman) like this actually happening to a person like Q. Q does well in school, doesn't go out or party, likes video games and only has a couple close friends. But Margo seems to have been leading two separate lives. One as the beautiful, popular girlfriend of the star baseball player, and another as a fearless yet damaged dreamer and wanderer. I love how Margo feels about living in Orlando. It seems like she wants to be somewhere with more space and more interesting places to discover. For me, growing up on Long Island was similar. Everything was so congested, and sometimes I felt like there was nothing left to discover, like I needed more space.

Q's last month of high school was more eventful and crazy than all four years combined. He also learns a lot about his relationships with his friends and his parents. In the face of Margo's disappearance, he sees the true nature of each of his two best friends, and also learns how to live with these realizations.

Overall, I was really impressed with Paper Towns. John Green is also the author of The Fault in Our Stars. I liked this book better. There was never a boring moment. It keeps you entertained throughout the entire journey. If you haven't read it...get on that!
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  1. I've recently bought this book and it's near the top of my to read pile. Can't wait to crack it open :)